Team Play Ethos

Our ethos centers on teamwork. We engage in a game where friendly competition, camaraderie, and respectful behavior are key.

Duties of a Lead:

  • Setting up the mat as advised by the Skip.
  • Rolling the jack towards the point where the Skip is positioned.
  • Initiating your team’s play by delivering the first bowl.
  • Contributing to the formation of the head with input from your Skip.
  • Assisting in gathering the bowls after each end.
  • In a team, comprising two to four players, the Skip is the guiding figure. Follow the Skip’s advice on the delivery technique and bowl placement diligently. If you encounter any issues, discreetly discuss them with your Skip. The Skip’s guidance and motivation are crucial for team success and enjoyment of the game.
  • When not actively playing, maintain a distance from the playing area, ideally sitting or standing quietly behind the ditch, especially in teams of three or four. This courtesy is appreciated by all participants.
  • Typically, the Lead of the losing side will tidy up the bowls post-end, ensuring they’re correctly placed for the next play. Conversely, the victorious Lead prepares for the next end by setting the mat and rolling the jack.
  • With teams of three or four, Leads should keep away from the head after an end, leaving the Vice Skips or, in some instances, the Skips or an official to finalize the score.

Responsibilities of a Vice Skip:

  • As a Vice Skip, your role mirrors the Lead’s respect for the Skip’s strategy, focusing on bowl delivery and positioning. Communicate the state of play and any specific details requested by your Skip without overstepping.
  • While your Skips are deliberating, position yourself discreetly behind the head to avoid distractions. Mark all touchers promptly and accurately before the next bowl stops.
  • After each end, Vice Skips collaborate to confirm the score, ensuring agreement before signaling the outcome. Score recording is usually the responsibility of the Vice Skip or Skip, depending on the scoreboard’s position, to prevent double entries. Vice Skips also aid the Lead in collecting the bowls post-end.

Role of a Skip:

  • As the team leader, it’s your job to direct your Lead and Vice Skip, aiming to secure the end. Avoid criticizing mistakes; instead, encourage correction on subsequent attempts.
  • Share your game plan and strategy with your team, especially during quiet moments between ends. A well-informed team is more effective.
  • Remain stationary and avoid moving around the head to prevent distracting your teammates.
  • Your leadership and attitude significantly impact the team’s morale and performance. A positive approach can uplift your team during challenging times, fostering respect regardless of the game’s outcome.

The essence of the game is enjoyment, sportsmanship, and, where possible, victory. Even in difficult moments, constructive encouragement can achieve what criticism cannot, earning your team’s respect.