Aussie Pairs (2-4-2)

Aussie Pairs (2-4-2)

July 11, 2024

In this league you form your own pair of bowlers.  Australian Pairs allows both people on a team to play Lead and Skip. In the first end of the game, the Leads start with 2 Bowls each. Then the Skips play their 4 Bowls. Then the Leads complete the end with their final 2 Bowls. Thus, the Leads act as Lead and Skip in the same end. In the next end, the roles are reversed.

The Skips play first with their Two Bowls. Then the Leads play their 4 Bowls. Then the Skips complete the end with their final 2 Bowls. This alternating pattern continues throughout the game. Aside from the extra walking the rules are the same as a normal Pairs Game.

While the league is certainly open to all members, this league gives players an opportunity to play under more vompetitive conditions.

Maximum 16 teams

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